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A Sasuke-Naruto-Iruka drabble. Possibly AU. Supposedly happens after the series. I'll look over it/title it later.

Iruka awoke to white walls and white linens... and a shock of blonde spikes settled on his bed. He blinked at it for a while, not fully comprehending. What had happened...?

"You're awake," a voice spoke, carefully neutral.

Iruka looked to the opposite wall; Sasuke was leaning against it, arms crossed. "... yeah. Naruto fell asleep?"

The line of Sasuke's mouth turned downwards, just slightly--Iruka was getting better at reading him. "The idiot's been here since you were and refused to sleep." He glanced away, just slightly. "His head bobbing was getting annoying, so I used a genjutsu on him."

Iruka laughed weakly, then immediately regretted it, his lungs reminding him of why he was in here in the first place. ".. Ow. That sounds like him." He looked to Naruto slowly, then back up to Sasuke--he had a hunch. "So you were watching me in his stead?"

Sasuke's mouth turned downwards a bit more, his eyebrow twitching slightly--bingo. "Someone had to watch the Hokage. He can't be left to his own devices when he's like this."

"Ah, of course," Iruka replied, careful not to smile.

The Uchiha was irritated anyways and straightened, uncrossing his arms. "I'll tell the others you're awake. He's slept long enough; you can wake him."

Like Iruka needed his permission; he was already gently shaking Naruto's shoulder before Sasuke could even cross the room to the door. "Naruto, wake up--"

Sasuke didn't hear what happened next, but he heard what happened after that. Naruto's voice had the annoying tendency to echo down the halls when he was loud.

"Iruka! You're okay!" was followed by a thump.

"Ow! Naruto, I'm still--"

Iruka's, too.

The left side of Sasuke's mouth turned upward as he slipped his hands into his pockets and walked away.
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