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May. 13th, 2009 12:51 pm
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Turns out that I can still get my Computer Science minor. I got a D- in that one class I thought I was going to fail due to illness.

.... now if only I could the help my group needs in order to get our Wiki project finished in time! First we had to get a new hosting service, as our old host died, but then we couldn't because we weren't a student organization due to legal concerns because our college is copyrighted, then I had to get all the signatures to make us one again, then we had to sign up for hosting @ our university, then we found out that they only update the DNS server on Tuesdays/Thursdays, so we had to wait until Tuesday afternoon to start stuff... and now our wiki won't work because they haven't set the permissions so that it'll work. They claim we didn't tell them about the wiki, when we DID. They simply forgot, or the person we spoke with simply forgot to tell the right people.

So now our term project wiki is due tomorrow and we still can't upload the last of the files. FUCK.

:| And if we don't get it working? I probably don't graduate. Fuck.

But yes, this is why I've been absent. I've been dealing with all this shit, including getting our old files off the list serv. My professor and I have been doing all this work last minute to try to get this working, and I'm not getting much support from my group regarding it.

Oh. And the design team this is for, which I'm on, hasn't given us ANY MORE of their files for this year. Even though the team leader requested those files sometime last week. We're a multi-year project. Are they seriously trying to fuck the next team over as much as we were?


Edit: Okay, they've made the changes to the folders so that we can add users to permissions for writing. ........ Now I'm just trying to figure out how to get the wiki working from that. Hope that my group members will actually respond.....
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This is related to the fact that livejournal is moving tomorrow and getting new IP addresses.

Basically, I'm not sure if I'll be able to access Livejournal anymore when it comes back up. The reason is because there's one DNS server along the line that only updates every once in a while, and so I have no idea if I'll be able to access the site at all, as the DNS server will report the old IP address. AND I know that the DNS server just updated itself, because I can actually access my family's web page now (♥!!!!) by something other than IP address, so it might be a while.

SO if that happens, I'll let someone know. I'm hoping I don't have to declare a week-long hiatus, followed by a week of access (Thanksgiving Break!), followed by hiatus until winter break. D:

I'm not sure if there's anything that livejournal can do. I couldn't see any Flickr links for a month or two after it happens. I might be able to access LJ via proxy, so hopefully that'll work. I can test that out now.

:( DNS servers should update their cache every three days, not every three months.

Edit: Well, I've got Tor set up if it's necessary. Hopefully it won't be....
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Someone expressed interest, so I thought I'd include the course descriptions for what I'm taking next semester. I took off the end part that lists the prerequisites and states that you have to have a C- or better in them in order to take that course. So here they are!

Click if interested... )

And yes, I'm excited about next semester. =DD
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Is this worth an official complaint?

For those of you who don't know, I go to Virginia Tech. And I was in the building next door when it happened and we saw the SWAT team assembling along the back of Norris.

The first day back is supposed to be a relaxed discussion about what happened and about how the rest of the semester will be handled.

So what does the teacher whose class I was in when thirty people were murdered do?

Fucking teaches. The entire damn time. Through the university wide moment of silence. (Although he might not've--I left early to attend the event. But knowing him, he did.) And I know at least one student in that class lost people he knew.

God damn you. Damn you to hell. You've been a bastard all semester, but this takes the fucking cake.

Edit: I should probably add that since I'm taking my current A, I don't have to worry about the take-home exam that he's giving out Wednesday, due Friday. WTF, we just got back, it's barely been a week. God, I think he just really doesn't get it.


Mar. 26th, 2007 09:39 am
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Redid my degree plan to see how much longer I have before I graduate.

Unfortunately, with the way some classes are only offered certain semesters, I have another two years left.

Fortunately, this means I might have a chance to triple minor, and I wouldn't even have to overextend myself. (English Minor: Creative Writing Option, Math Minor, Computer Science Minor.)

I'm going to talk to the person in charge of scheduling to make sure, though.
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D= Someone please save me from myself.

I was bored and anxious to see the new Naruto chapter. So bored, that I started to apply Aerodynamic theories to a current new technique being developed.

It's one thing if you're geek enough to try that. But it's a complete different level of geekery if not only you're right, but you predict the actual shape of the technique.

... I'm dotting at myself for that one.

And in other news, school has flattened me. Busy, busy week.
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Our in-class Aero/Hydrodynamics video today proves that college students have dirty minds. A paraphased quote, with key "issues" bolded (don't worry about the actual meaning of the sentence):

"Blowing and suction increase lift over an airfoil (2-D wing) by reducing flow separation and turbulent flow."

This lead to a short conversation about the video after class between two of my friends and I.

Arafat: "Suction really does it for me. It turns me on!"
Me: "..."
Andrew: "..."
Me: "... Well, at least no one will forget that blowing and suction increases lift?"
Andrew: "... I don't know this kid." *About Arafat.*

When the TA sends the script to us, there's no way I'll read it through without giggling. I love old films.

(For those curious, the film is the old 1968 classic "Fundamentals of Boundary Layers".)


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