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Completely and utterly useless. I found more stuff at the Kaboom! store for my shrimp than I found at PetSmart.

Before I get into that, lovely betta barracks system you have there, guys. Too bad you have the current about 3x higher than it needs to be. Bettas are notoriously weak swimmers and any current gives them a problem. While your bettas aren't sick, per say, they quickly grow exhausted until they can't go back to the surface of the water for air... and then they drown. Great job.

So yeah, nothing for marine/brackish aquariums at all. None of their decorations were rated for marine use (they had marble, but marble = death in saltwater), they didn't have any small bags of crushed coral substrate, they didn't have any small cartons of marine salt (except the shitty "let's see how fast this kills your fish!" brand), and they didn't even have any hydrometers to check the specific gravity of water (used to see how much salt you have per gallon).

Maybe I should call about those bettas. They've probably been wondering WTH all their bettas have been dying by the dozens. ><

Seems like I'll have to go to Petco sometime, and after that, I'll have to head to that aquarium store I've heard about. Can't remember its name, but Google will.
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I finally uploaded pictures of my shrimp to a LJ gallery.

You can find my pictures here. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Edit: And new default icon! =) You can see it here. I have another shrimp icon. I wanted to put both of the icons together as one, but LJ said I couldn't. Grr, we should at least be allowed ONE animated gif over the 40k limit. That's just ridiculous. Argh!

Edit 2: I'm going over to Petsmart tomorrow to get the things I need for "Operation: Shrimp Move". And I need to sanitize their new container. I just wish that Sasuke would hurry up and shed so I could have his shell harden before the move. Even if I don't plan on netting them or anything, I still want them to have the least stress possible with the move -- a soft shelled shrimp would panic at every movement.
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Well, I was going to take pictures of my shrimp today, but then Sakura decided it'd be funny to molt. So now she's exhausted and skittish, meaning that bright lights scare her. Oh well. At least with how much they've been molting, it means they're getting bigger.
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Found something interesting out while I was researching a good aquarium to move my shrimp into after I get them out of their ecosphere. And so, I present to you, a random fish-related facts that make my head boggle.

All I can say is: do research before you buy a fish!

There is no such thing as a fishbowl! )

....Weeee, what you learn when you actually do research.

And babbling on about the shrimp and why not to buy ecospheres! )

... And yes, I'll shut up now. Just thought everyone should know so they don't end up killing their fish. D= And all the advertisements about "no feed" fish are lies, btw. Where the hell do they think the nutrients come from?


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