Apr. 2nd, 2009

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A note to advertisers: I am MUCH more likely to listen to a commercial or read an ad if it isn't annoying.

In which I complain about loud commercials and annoying pop-up ads... )

Also, does someone wanna do a thesis paper on this? It'd be a fun experiment. Do the pop-up ads, or don't do the pop-up ads, and see how many of the other ads people remember. Then do the loud/normal volume commercials, and see how many of the ads are remembered. Heck, you can probably even compare how many ads before the loud ad are remembered compared to the one after it. You can totally tell the people that they're supposed to be reading a website, or watching a show--performing normal activities they do at home. Heck, you can even see if people remember the loud/annoying pop-up ad's creator in a negative light.

Fuck, I still remember that Juicy Fruit ad that nearly blew my fucking eardrums out. We were watching "Kitchen Nightmares" online, on Fox's website. Also, I've noticed that American car companies make really loud commercials that we always mute.

Geico commercials are almost always watched, and I'll actually turn the volume back on for them. Mastercard commercials are quiet. Commercials geared towards women are also quiet.

See? Not that hard. Really.


icelightning: XXY male bettafish, started off looking girlish (Default)

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